Improve Your Networking Technique

Networking is important when growing a career. That’s why Unlimited Advertising Group training includes teaching each new associate the basics of networking. Once they’ve got those down, we then work on improving their techniques to help them become even more effective. Here are a few tips to help you improve your networking:

  • Don’t Try to Sell: No matter what your current professional goals are, going into a networking event hoping that you’ll find the exact person who can help you meet those goals won’t work. Instead, go into the event excited and willing to meet new people and build professional relationships. It’s from those connections and the knowledge of others that the magic will happen.
  • Learn to Share Your Story Clearly: There will be points at different events where you’re invited to share what it is you do with others. Practice a simple explanation of one or two sentences that clearly describes your work. Unlimited Advertising Group team members practice long and short versions of this so the pitches roll off their tongues without needing a lot of thought.
  • Be Interested: People tend to go to networking events looking to interact with others who can help them meet professional goals or grow their careers. If you shift the focus off yourself toward being interested in others, then you’ll stand out as someone genuine and might make some great new business acquaintances.

Building a professional network is important for career success and, using these tips, we hope it will be a little easier. Follow Unlimited Advertising Group on [Twitter] for more suggestions on improving your technique.

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